The 5 Minute Shower

It is tough to beat a hot shower first thing in the morning. Research indicates the average shower length is 8 minutes. The 5 minute shower will save about 7200 gallons of water a year over the 8 minute shower. It’s not just the water you are saving but the energy to heat the water and the sewer processing as well.

When dealing with heated water, one has to remember that there are three costs associated with this commodity. (1) You pay for the water. (2) You pay to heat the water. (3) You pay a sewer fee to discard the waste water.

So, the next time you are standing in the shower thinking, remember the water and gas meter are clicking away. Want another energy and water saving solution? Use your bathing towel more than once. Hang it up to dry and use it again. If you shower every day and use your towel twice, you will cut back your laundry chores by 182 towels per year vs. the old method of new towel every shower! Your mom, wife or person in charge of washing all those towels, will thank you. The 5 minute shower, give it a try.

Jeff Williams

Greening Bakersfield

Chilipepper Hot Water Pump Saves 15,000 gallons a year!

chilipepper_appliance_01Yes, another green gadget that saves time, water and energy.
It seems that sometimes we humans cope with inefficiencies and inconveniencies when we really do not have to. My master bath shower is located the absolute longest distance from the hot water heater. The normal winter season bathing procedure is to turn on the master shower 5 minutes before use as to allow the hot water enough time reach this seemingly remote location. Even with a low to moderate flow shower heads, way too many gallons of water spew into the sewer.

I knew of hot water pumps on timers, recirculation lines, and expensive plumbers, but never could justify the rumored $1000.00 cost or the thought of my water heater in a constant “running” state from 5am to 9am. And what about the occasional noon shower? (Click Read More to Continue)

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