Welcome to Greener Bakersfield

Greener Bakersfield was conceived by local business owners, Jeff Williams and Kynan Chambers, of Bakersfield California. Its purpose is to aid both businesses and individuals with regard to natural resource saving techniques and strategies benefiting both the environment and the wallet. Bakersfield has continually made the top 5 list of the most polluted U.S. cities. We have gathered the following PDF’s for 2008 from the American Lung Association’s State of the Air website. Click below to see for yourself.

Currently listed:
2008 Most Polluted Cities in the U.S. ( 76 KB Adobe PDF)

Where we would like to be listed:
2008 Cleanest Cities in the U.S. ( 63 KB Adobe PDF)

Greener Bakersfield’s mission is to offer a web based platform discussing eco friendly choices that make financial and environmental sense to both business and individuals.

Lengthwise Brewing Company Going Green
What started with efficient light bulbs and solar panels is now an obsession. As our business continues to head down a greener path, eco friendly options abound with blue recycling carts, cardboard recycling, reusable coffee tins, rechargeable batteries, waterless urinals, compost piles and much more!

In Bakersfield, we seem to treasure the few clear air days present in any calendar year. Does it all come down to geography? Are we doomed to be polluted by all cities north of us? Can the residents of Kern County actually make a difference by making better eco friendly choices?

Bakersfield ranks in the top 5 of Most Polluted Cities. Wouldn’t it make sense that Bakersfield should be in the top 5 Most Proactive Cities striving for a “greener” city?

Jeff Williams

Fluxar Studios Inc. Going Green
A newer, greener, “modern industrial” Fluxar is in the making. A complete floor to ceiling remodel of our web design studio located in beautiful downtown Bakersfield is at hand. I have spent many exciting hours researching and implementing more eco friendly solutions and energy conscious products. Some examples: energy saving tinted dual pane windows, a highly insulated building shell, “insta-hot” water heaters for hand washing, new more efficient 13 SEER air conditioners, all CFL and LED lighting with timers, “Solatube” skylights to harness natural daytime light, water saving toilets, low flow faucets, and on the horizon, solar panels!

Like Jeff, I am changing the way I operate my business. I am adopting a greener day to day model by having employees set their computers to power saving modes when not in use, moving to a paperless filing system, and recycling as much waste as possible. Even the smallest changes count, like using ceramic coffee cups instead of plastic or Styrofoam, and eliminating the use of plastic water bottles, which take hundreds of years to decompose. There is so much I want to list and talk about, and I will. Thank you for visiting greenerbakersfield.com

Kynan Chambers