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watersense_logo2After many restless nights, I finally settled on the new toilets I would order for my office. What I thought to be a simple task turned out to be not so simple. I make a huge ordeal over everything I buy, and I end up researching the product to death. In the case of water saving toilets, including dual flush toilets, I spent 8 weeks surfing the internet and calling different manufactures and sales companies.

Task: Find modern water saving toilets, dual flush or not
Notes: Must be WaterSense approved and ADA approved

The contenders:
American Standard

One of the many hours of research was to determine whether I should get a single flush toilet with a flush of 1.28 gpf or dual flush toilet with a fush of 1.6/0.8 gpf. According to research you will save 25% more water by using a dual flush toilet then a WaterSense single flush, even though the water use is less on the single flushers. I’m guessing that this is based on people using #1 much more often than #2.

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Another obstacle was aesthetics.  I found that American Standard and Kohler were lacking modern looking toilets. Most of their toilets are more of a Gothic or Victorian style. For my new office I needed something fresh and new. These two companies seem to be the most common toilet manufactures.

Cheviot seemed to make nice products and did have a dual flush however, they did not really seem to have a green focus. They didn’t mention WaterSense or even have many low flow toilets. Moving on….

Daravit made very nice toilets and really had a modern touch however, their website was very hard to navigate and they didn’t seem to put much focus on low flow toilets. Daravit had no WaterSense seals and the price range for their products seemed a bit high for my low flow budget.

Toto had a very nice selection of WaterSense toilets. However, only has 3 dual flush toilets and I didnt much care for the designs. Totos website was extremely easy to navigate and very professional.

caroma_sydney_270_dual_flushThis brings us to Caroma, a company that is based in Australia, and has been making dual flush toilets for nearly 15 years!  Immediately I was impressed with Caromas dedication to water conservation. Even their slogan was cool “Conservation with Style”. I was extremely excited to find out that they made a 1.28/0.8 gpf, but there was one drawback, and that was that they didn’t come in the one piece modern style I wanted. Realizing that it was 1.28/0.8 gpf, I decided water saving was more important than the modern look. Plus, the 1.28’s do look nice and modern, just not “ultra modern”. There was one concern though, could a 1.28 gallon per flush get large amounts of solid waste down the drain? Will it be strong enough for a commercial environment? I found the answer to be yes. I made a call to Caroma and talked to an extremely helpful and friendly toilet expert who assured me I would have no issues with my new toilet. She stated that all the Caroma toilets have a 4 inch trap that makes their toilets virtually unblockable!  Another question I asked was, just how much water I am saving? The answer was 18,000 gallons per year based on 1:4 solid/ liquid usage using a 3.5 gal toilet for an average family of four and 5 flushes/person/day. With 5 people in our office and customers I will be saving even more water.

So, after all was said and done, I settled on the Coroma Sydney Smart 270 Easy Height Elongated. I can’t wait till they come in and I take my first 1.28 flush.

If you want a great eco toilet please take some time and visit .

-Kynan Chambers


  1. jeff August 22nd

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    I too tend to make a big ordeal about everything I buy. I’m curious how do you like the Caroma?

  2. Colby November 3rd

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    I recommend using to assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your next toilet purchase. Eco-rate compares High Efficiency Toilets (HET), both single and dual flush, that meet WaterSense criteria. Products ratings account for both environmental and economic factors.

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