Eco Swimming Pool Pump is a Great Investment

eco_swimming_pool_pump_03A swimming pool is a “must” for surviving a Bakersfield Summer. Nothing offsets a 100 degree Bakersfield summer day better than a quick swim in the backyard pool. But let me ask you a question, do you know how much electricity your blue oasis consumes and the cost associated with this consumption?

The kWh consumption is easy to figure out (Amps x Volts = Watts and remember 1000 watts = 1 kWh), but the cost can range from as cheap as $0.115 or as expensive as $0.410 per kWh depending on your overall home energy consumption and were you fall in PG&E’s 5 tier pricing schedule. Some Bakersfield residents, running a single speed pump, pay more than $350 per month for their swimming pool pump electricity while others frugally only pay $48 per month. I pay $11 per month.

A standard single speed 2hp pool pump motor running 6 hours a day drawing 19.4 amps at 120 volts will consume about 14 kWh. Here’s the math: 19.4 x 120 = 2328 watts. 6 hours x 2328 = 13,968 watts. Convert watts to kWh by dividing total watts by 1000 for a total of 13.96 kWh per day or 418 kWh per month. In the event you operate your pump 12 hours a day and your energy consumption is high enough to enter PG&E’s fifth tier, your cost could be near $342 per month. (Click Read More to Continue)

eco_swimming_pool_pump_02The Pentair Intelliflo variable frequency pool pump motor I installed at my home runs 20 hours a day and consumes 120 watts an hour for a total of 2.4 kWh a day or 72 kWh per month. My old single speed pump would consume 72 kWh in 5 days! The Intelliflo is an eco smart pool pump that knows the status of your filter and when it requires back washing. This unit is smart and realizes when there is blockage or priming issues and will take corrective actions to ensure optimal performance. The pump has four different modes; filter, vacuum, back wash and manual. Water features can be programmed as well. Here is a link for more info:

With a price tag of $1400, the Pentair Variable frequency pool pump is not cheap, but in most cases will pay for itself in under a year. Over a five year period, you could see a $7000 savings on your electric bill vs. the old single speed model.

-Jeff Williams

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  1. Chris August 11th

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    I have been looking at this pump and some others like it. Thanks for the article. It has been the best I have seen so far on this issue. Are you still happy with this pump?

  2. Jeff October 24th

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    This seems almost unbelievable. I am considering moving from NJ to FL and the ongoing costs of owning a pool there could be considerable. If your (an Pentair’s) assessments are accurate, it could be the decision-maker I need. Have you actually made the switch and these numbers are actuals over time?


  3. Kerstin May 11th

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    We just bought one when our old pump blew up. It was $1026 on amazon, free shipping no tax. If you have the Amazon credit card they’re sunning a 20% off special, which brought it to $822 ish. Then there’s a PG&E rebate of $100. I think that will pay for itself in a year, for sure!
    Hope that helps!!

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