Monterey is Greener than Bakersfield

I would like to take a few and talk about city wide green efforts.  What are people in Bakersfield doing to help?  I’m referring to the common individual, the “Everyday Joes.”  I see small green efforts from time to time; however it’s usually somebody trying to sell me something in the name of green. The overall effort in Bakersfield is very poor.

reusable_water_bottleA recent trip to Monterey really opened my eyes. I was extremely impressed with how actively green it is. I saw so many things that just “wowed” me. It seemed like the people of Monterey were working together as a team. One of the main things I noticed was that nearly everybody was walking around with reusable water bottles, all sizes, shapes, and colors. This is a fantastic concept.  People actually using refillable water bottles rather than plastic ones! I even saw a number of walking folks carrying ceramic coffee cups. I would have to say that I was most impressed by the shoppers.  It seemed like atleast 60% of the folks were using reusable shopping bags, and not plastic. A lot of the Monterey businesses were proud to show memberships to different green organizations by sporting stickers on their doors and plaques on their walls.  Beyond that, I have never seen so many Priuses in my life. It seemed like every other car was some sort of hybrid.  All in all Monterey just had a green feeling. It made me feel better inside. It gave me some hope that my hometown of Bakersfield can do it too. But then I had to return home and be reminded of just how far behind we are. (Click Read More to Continue)


reusable_shopping_bagHow far behind are we? In my estimation I would say 5 years.  People always say “you know Bakersfield is 5 years behind the rest of the world” Well, it’s true. WE ARE, especially when it comes to caring for our community and environment. When I go shopping, it’s amazing that every person I see is carrying a plastic bag full of groceries. Reusable grocery bags in Bakersfield must be 2 percent of all bags. How about reusable water bottles? I rarely see them. After a visit to Monterey where everybody was walking around with them, my girlfriend and I went down to Fresh and Green and bought us a pair of Klean Kanteens. We absolutely love them, no more plastic bottles for us. Here is a small green rant: Very few people use the recycle blue cans, people constantly leave their porch lights on all day (see Tims post), the roads are packed with oversized 8 to 10MPG vehicles, a majority of households and businesses I go into are still using incandescent lighting, blah, blah, blah.

As citizens of Bakersfield, we need to pull together. We all need to start doing the little things that do make a difference. Let’s make people take notice of our efforts when they come to our city. Below I have made a small list of things we can do to show we care about our future and about our city:

  • Call the county or city and request a blue recycle can. Its only $48.00 per year.
  • Convert at least one round-trip commute (to school or work) a week to carpool or transit/bike/walk.
  • Replace all incandescent and halogen bulbs with compact fluorescents and turn off unused lights.
  • Turn down the thermostat 3 degrees during the heating season.
  • Upgrade your showerhead to a water-saving one and keep showers below five minutes.
  • Pick up some reusable shopping bags and use them everywhere!
  • Use cold water when doing your laundry.
  • Get a reusuable water bottle and a reusable coffee cup, no more plastic bottles.
  • Plug all your electronics into power strips and turn them off when not in use.
  • Keep your auto tires fully inflated.
  • Replace your old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR model

-Kynan Chambers


  1. Tim Williams March 18th

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    Don’t want to be a downer, but there are too many humans! Our population will double in our lifetimes. This, coupled with advances in medical treatment/technology. Humans are living longer than ever. This and the onslaught of climate change will be the real disaster. Check out the world birth clock website sometime. The ratio of births to deaths is scary. Not sure if we can fix this planet before it fixes itself…

    Tim, Three Rivers-Sequoia

  2. Jessi, 14 years old. And smarter than a whole lot of you adults who waste everything. April 28th

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    Our air is so screwed up, it kills brain cells to breath in big cities. Our ozone, which is depleted because people use harmful products, is going to let in all these harmful rays in, and it will heat up our lanet. When the planet heats up enough, it will permanately mess up the atmosphere. Our one planet in the entire solar system that is fit for living, and we kill it. People need to open their eyes before their grandkids will wear Abercrombie and Fitch gas masks. My family uses eco bags, those twisty lightbulbs, blue recycle cans, and a whole lot more. The rest of you, get your act together.

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