Chilipepper Hot Water Pump Saves 15,000 gallons a year!

chilipepper_appliance_01Yes, another green gadget that saves time, water and energy.
It seems that sometimes we humans cope with inefficiencies and inconveniencies when we really do not have to. My master bath shower is located the absolute longest distance from the hot water heater. The normal winter season bathing procedure is to turn on the master shower 5 minutes before use as to allow the hot water enough time reach this seemingly remote location. Even with a low to moderate flow shower heads, way too many gallons of water spew into the sewer.

I knew of hot water pumps on timers, recirculation lines, and expensive plumbers, but never could justify the rumored $1000.00 cost or the thought of my water heater in a constant “running” state from 5am to 9am. And what about the occasional noon shower? (Click Read More to Continue)

Two months ago I purchased a Chilipepper CP6000 hot water pump and installed the unit under my master bathroom sink. It was super easy to install(15 minutes) and provides hot water when you need it. The Chilipepper appliance is not a heater, but a 1/3 horsepower demand pump that delivers hot water to my distance shower in under 90 seconds. No wasted water and three times faster than the old water down the drain method. This micro-processor controlled pump installs under any sink and as explained on the Chilipepper website:
“When you push the start button, the Chilipepper pumps the water in a big loop from the water heater through the hot water piping to the Chilipepper, and on through the cold water piping back to the water heater inlet, a big loop. When the electronic control circuitry detects an increase in the water temperature inside the pump of from 6 to 12 degrees, it shuts the pump off. The shut-off sensitivity is adjustable with a knob on the front of the Chilipepper. When the circuitry detects a temperature over 96 degrees it locks out the pump until the water in the pump cools back down to below 96.”
According to the Chilipepper folks, a family of four can save 15,000 gallons of water a year!

Most times it will probably be necessary to install an outlet under the sink. When the pump is operating the noise level is about the same as a small vacuum.

Price? To good to be true. See for yourself on their website: or try my friends at buygreen:

-Jeff Williams
Green Bakersfield


  1. s. mckinney February 26th

  2. Casey October 6th

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    Is this product good for when you run out of hot water too? Like say you’ve ran the bath but the hot water only lasts for 10 minutes and starts going cold. Will the chili pepper give you longer periods where you have hot water?

  3. Moty Young October 21st

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    Hot Water Pump CP6000

    Dear sir / madam

    I have an interest to buy the Hot Water Pump CP6000 For my home.

    In additional, I’m thinking on the option of resale these pump in my country

    Appreciate your answer


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  4. Stephane Boisjoli November 16th

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    Casey: No. You want to look for Drain Waste Heat Recovery system, such as the Powerpipe. They will heat up the water going to your shower using the water going down the drain, this will mean you use less hot water, and save money.

  5. Mike Rios February 13th

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    if I am correct the Chillipepper 6000CP requires momentary push button for it to turn on, so it does not turn on automatically, it would be nice if there was a flow switch accessory available to turn on the pump so that the demand feature would be automatic and not manual

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