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the_energy-detective_02I will admit, I love gadgets, and gadgets that help save energy and money are even better!  Not too long ago, my household utility bill was a major monthly expense ($500+ some months). My home is 2500 sq. ft. with a swimming pool.  My wife, myself, and our two children live in the home year round.  Over the past two years my family and I have been focusing on reducing our kWh consumption.  We have changed incandescent bulbs to energy efficient CFL’s and have even started using LED lighting. We have also upgraded our older appliances to newer Energy Star rated appliances.  Within a few short months, we were able to cut our kWh usage in half! Over the first year alone, our annual energy bill was slashed by 2600 dollars.  Now, with the help of “The Energy Detective”, I am saving even more energy, and energy equals dollars.

Last month I purchased “The Energy Detective” also known as TED.  TED is an energy monitor that allows my family to see our kWh consumption in real time!  TED can also keeps a running daily kWh total.  The TED unit was also super easy for my electrician friend Tim to install. Once the TED unit was installed and up and running, I was enthralled with turning different lights and appliances on and off to check their kWh draws. (Click Read More to Continue)

The Official TED Website explains how the unit works:
TED’s transmitting device, located in your circuit breaker panel, measures the amount of electricity coming into your home as you demand/use it and then transmits data every second over your receiving unit. The receiving display unit can be plugged into any A/C outlet in your home.  Check out more on the official TED website including pricing and installation instructions here: http://www.theenergydetective.com/index.html

For me one of the greatest benefits of the TED unit is benchmarking.  By benchmarking your current kWh usage for certain event times, one will gain efficiency knowledge for that event.  For example, say the event is leaving the house for work or school.  My kWh bench mark for this event is 90 watts. A quick glance at the TED unit, before leaving, will confirm that all lights, heating blankets, computers, printers, etc are powered off.  In the case where my watt usage is higher, I do a quick search to find the TV, closet light or heating blanket left on. For reference, my “Everyone is in bed or going to bed” benchmark is 120 watts.

Below, I have posted my most recent utility bill that shows this year and last years usage comparison for the same time period.  Note the drop from 20 kWh a day last year to 11 kWh this year.  Ohh, before I forget, here is a link to a video review of the TED. http://www.mavromatic.com/archives/000674.asp


One of my goals? a green Bakersfield, and a thicker wallet.

-Jeff Williams
Green Bakersfield
Save Bakersfield


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Jeff Williams is a co owner of Lengthwise Brewing Company located in Bakersfield California. "Being green is good for the environment and good for the wallet!" It seems that sometimes we humans cope with inefficiencies and inconveniencies when we really do not have to.