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On a road trip to Las Vegas, I encountered a waterless urinal in a restroom at a bus stop, in Barstow, California. I immediately thought of the water savings and conveniences this unit would offer my business. I decided to adopt the same thinking and in place of the old water-wasting urinal is now a waterless replacement. Basic math indicates this new green restroom unit will save approximately 15,000 gallons of water per year over a traditional gallon per flush unit.

We are excited about the water savings as well as the prospect of not having to use a plunger.  There is nothing worse than plunging a urinal.  I don’t know if there is a special plunger for a urinal vs. a toilet, but the standard plunger always explodes the contents of the plugged urinal all over you and the walls.  Why does anyone feel the need to flush a toothpick, gum wrapper, bumper sticker, paper towel, blister pack, sharpie cap, or business card down the urinal, anyway?  Similar to the plunger vs. urinal fiasco, the overflowing urinal on a busy Friday night will not be missed.  We had our traditional “flushing” urinal in place for 6 years and as mentioned above, it was continually a battle. (Click Read More to Continue)

How does a waterless urinal work?  The secret, according to the manufacturer’s website: ( ) is the cartridge. Sloan makes a cartridge that is good for 7,000 uses and aids in creating an odor liberated environment. There is a specific sealant that is added to the cartridge that floats above bladder recycled ale providing a barricade against the ordinary odors of a public lavatory. Urine passes around the sealant and travels down the drain.  Check out more info here:

Did I mention the $300.00 rebate for installing this unit?

Jeff Williams
Eco Bakersfield


  1. Bob Paulick May 29th

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    Hi Jeff,
    congrats on your purchase of the Sloan waterfree urinal. Is it still working out for you? How long have you had it now?

    I work with Falcon Waterfree Tech. We actually manufacturer the waterfree urinals for Sloan. About 85-90% of waterfree urinals in use in the marketplace around the world are manufactured by Falcon Waterfree. We have installed over 250,000 of them now.

    We work through distributors and manufacter reps and would be happy to assist anyone else you know with their purchase. Bobrick Washroom Equipment is now the sole US Distributor for Falcon WF. We help the customer make sure the get their rebate when available, install it properly, and make sure they understand how to properly maintain the fixture – which is key to a successful experience.

    Best regards,

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Jeff Williams is a co owner of Lengthwise Brewing Company located in Bakersfield California. "Being green is good for the environment and good for the wallet!" It seems that sometimes we humans cope with inefficiencies and inconveniencies when we really do not have to.